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Florida Resident Board & Train

If you lead a very busy life, lack the time or patience to deal with your dog or you have a good dog and want a great dog, the comprehensive Resident Board & Train program is for you.


I can help you develop a pet who is a happy and polite member of your home that you will be proud to call YOUR dog!  My In-Home Board and Train program teaches your dog in real-world situations with other dogs inside and outside the home.

This is my main program and is 99% of what I do.  This is a life changing program for you, your dog and the entire family.  

As part of the training, your dog will:

Go on trips and learn to have fun without stress or confusion. 

Your dog will travel often in cars and SUVs, interact with adults, children and lots of other dogs.  

He/she will learn to behave/work in public places, inside stores (that allow dogs) and even restaurants (which allow dogs). 

Your dog lives with me and interacts with my family, my dogs and other dogs in training every day and night during their stay and will be looked after 24 hours a day, unlike a standard kennel facility.

This is a key component your dog can understand, relate and transfer after returning home.

During Your Program, Your Dog Will Learn Basic Manners...

  • On / Off of furniture (if desired)

  • Not to jump on people



  • Quiet down on command



  • Wait at the door



  • Eliminate rough play

  • Housebreaking / Crate Training

  • Eliminate on command


  • Load in and out of a vehicle


  • Riding in a vehicle (without pacing or jumping into the front seat)

  • Dealing with inappropriate or submissive urination

Basic Obedience...

  • Sit (maintain sit/stay)


  • Down (maintain down stay)

  • Go to a place (bed, rug, mat, or spot and stay)

  • Loading and traveling in a vehicle

  • Walk with you on and OFF the leash


  • Recall (Come) to you off leash when called


  • Heel on and OFF the leash (side of your choice)

  • Go inside and outside on command


  • Quiet on command

  • Leadership modification


  • & much, much, more

And Will Learn to Stop...

  • Chasing animals / cars / things

  • Guarding food, toys, space, & people

  • Stealing food/counter surfing

  • Jumping on furniture

  • Jumping on Children & Guests

  • Digging

  • Eliminate destructive behavior

  • Develop confidence in new environments

  • Stop/reduce panting, drooling and nervous anxious behaviors

  • Stop/reduce excitable and submissive urination

  • Growling, Snapping and Biting behaviors

  • Bolting through doors

  • Running away

  • Begging for food

  • Dog on Dog Aggression

  • Reactivity to Door Bells, Door Knocks

  • Crazy behavior when people enter your home 

  • Separation Anxiety

  • Confinement issues/phobias

  • Escape behaviors

  • Fear related issues

  • Stop/control leash aggression

  • Stop/control fence fighting

Your Dog's Progress

You will be able to monitor your dog's progress in the program by monitoring our Facebook page and you will receive video clips of special training session so you can see for yourself that your pup is making exceptional progress.


Upon completion of the program, I then help YOU when your dog returns with follow up lessons. I also provide continued support for as long as you own your dog.

This program is open to the entire state of Florida including Orlando, Miami, Tampa, Jacksonville, Fort Lauderdale, West Palm Beach, St Petersburg, Hialeah, Port St Lucie, Tallahassee, Naples, Fort Meyers, Pensacola, Gainesville, Boca Raton, Panama City, St Augustine, Daytona Beach, St Petersburg, Palm Beach, Hialeah. 


If you are in one of these areas I ask you to bring the dog to me but I will deliver your pup home and provide several hours of instruction with you and your family in YOUR home environment to successfully reintegrate your dog back into your life. 

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