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If You Have To Go Away...

Only for dogs that have been trained in my Resident / In Home Board and Train program,
I offer refresher courses and follow up stays if you have to go away for work or have time for a weekend getaway or vacation.


Your dog will enjoy playing and training again.  If you want an advanced skill taught or a particular issue tightened up a bit, this can be a great way to accomplish it.  


Unlike boarding with a facility, your dog will be comfortable in an environment he or she is familiar with and will be back around dogs and people he or she knows and trusts.  


Your dog wont come home with a new bad habit(s) and you will know your partner is in good hands 24 hours a day while you have to be away.  


Additional Skills can be taught upon request including:

Bicycling with Your Dog

Retriever Training (Teaching dog how to fetch)

Frisbee/Disc Work

Jump Training

Teaching Your Dog to Swim

Trick Training

Introduction Into Agility

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