International School for Dog Trainers

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International School for Dog Trainers!

Your Dream of Becoming a Dog Trainer Can Come True!

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11th to 15th November 2015
Montverde, Florida.
Course trainers – Martin Deeley, James Hamm, Pat Trichter


 The International School for Dog Trainers and it’s founder Martin Deeley has been training trainers and owners to create the perfect companion for over 35 years. The School following on from Martin’s work was established to provide both practical and knowledge training for newcomers, and experienced dog trainers alike.

Whether you are wishing to become a dog trainer or one with experience and needing to add more skills to your expertise, the International School for Dog Trainers is the school that can help you.?? Over the years Martin and his wife Pat and his team have introduced many newcomers to the world of dog training, not only enhancing their abilities, knowledge and skills but also preparing them to meet the challenges of the profession and become successful business owners.

The School is proud that it has had as it’s students many very experienced and renowned trainers. Trainers who already have made an impact in the dog training community but wish to learn more and enhance their own personal abilities. The International School for Dog trainers is The School of choice for established trainers and newcomers alike. Dog Whisperers and Dog Trainers – all benefit from the learning experience that is the International School for Dog Trainers.

Our success is reflected in the success of those who have learned from us.